Rachel Turns Two

Hello Beautiful Mama,

Yesterday the baby in our family turned 2! It feels like Rachel was only born yesterday but when I sit back and look at it all, it’s been a busy 2 years full of many memories.

To start off, her birth was really quick & smooth. We were home less than 24 hours. By this time around I felt like a pro. I gave her warm baths, tummy rubs, leg exercises, diffused essential oil in her room (fennel), and breastfed. I invested in a good quality baby wrap & did a lot of baby wearing. It kept her close to my skin and my heartbeat. She was the calmest baby I had.  (I think that was just her overall temperament, although those things helped too).

21 days old. Seaside, OR


We celebrated Rachel’s 2nd birthday with simplicity and it turned out perfect. The sweetest part is that her two older brothers were so excited about her birthday they could hardly contain it. As I was tucking in my 4 year-old the night before, with a dreamy look on his face, he says: “Mama, I wish I could sit here and think, without going to sleep. I’m so excited.”

It wasn’t surprising that the next morning the boys eagerly jumped out of bed at 7am and were in the kitchen asking to blow up balloons. Since baby sis decided to sleep in on her birthday we had time to blow up 15 pink balloons & make her a pancake stack.

The boys kept asking if it would be okay to wake up sissy so I finally let them around 8am. We threw all of the balloons into her crib & they had a blast. Rachel was laughing, jumping, dancing. The boys climbed in with her, made up games and took turns “burying” each other with the balloons. She LOVED it!


After that our birthday girl was presented with her pancake stack which she absolutely loved! We lit two candles and the boys had fun being obnoxious with the party noise makers.:) It was a sight to behold and I’m so happy I caught these candid moments on camera.  Definitely making a photobook of this.


I love how simple the celebration was yet how much delight and joy it brought. I’m learning to keep things simple. We spent the day playing inside the house & enjoying the outdoors as well. Rachel was more than ready for a nap once it came around. She slept for a couple hours & woke up to her daddy home from work.


Afterwards, we went to church for Wednesday service. We had a wonderful night full of praise & worship. Rachel got to play with her friends in the toddler classroom. When I came to pick her up, the ladies told me she was the only one helping with clean-up. It’s no wonder everybody loves her there! 🙂

I want to remember these little years. When all is said and done I’m going to miss her being so tiny. The way she says, “mama” and tugs on my shirt when I’m cooking in the kitchen. I want to cherish these days.


Forever my baby girl you will be.


Love & blessings…

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  1. She’s a darling. I just LOVE the pic of her and Joshua. She has such an adorable sassy look as she’s turning away from him. ❤️?

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