Fun Eggshell Seed Starters

Hello Beautiful Momma,

You know what makes me the happiest? Seeing my children digging in dirt!

It’s the loveliest sight. I think it’s the best childhood a kid can have. Thankfully we live in a sunny state so the kids are usually outside, looking for pinecones, collecting sticks and burying their treasures in the dirt.

I am concerned that kids in today’s modern society are doing less and less hands-on activities due to increased screen time. I try to use every opportunity I can to involve my children’s little hands with tactile things they can actually feel, smell, and physically create. It does wonders for their growing minds and gives them a sense of accomplishment.


This week we planted sunflower seeds using some eggshells we saved up. It’s perfect for little hands and using eggshells has practical benefits because of all their nutrients (calcium, phosphorous). Eggshells can decompose in soil and keep bugs / slugs away.


Once the seedlings emerge and are stable enough for transplanting, we will crush a bit of the shell off the bottom and plant the entire eggshell into the ground on the sunniest side of our house where our giant sunflowers can thrive. (Kids are so excited)!



Here’s what you need:

Rinsed empty eggshells (salvage it by gently cutting the eggshell tops with a knife)
Egg carton
Seed Starting Mix (I used some soil we already had. We’ll see what happens)

Here’s what you do:

Fill each eggshell with soil
Place a couple seeds into each eggshell according to seed instructions
Slightly moisten soil (unless it’s pre-moistened)
Place egg carton on a sunny warm window pane (south-facing)
Mist your soil every couple days (since it doesn’t drain, do not overwater)


The kids were so excited about this craft. They love planting! Our sunflower seedling are supposed to emerge in about 14-21 days. My son marked it on his calendar and it’s just a matter of waiting. The anticipation is building up.

The possibilities of life lessons with this are endless! So many teachable moments for the kids as they learn to wait.

Looking forward to enjoy beautiful sunflowers all summer long. 🙂

Update: the first seedling has emerged!

Love & blessings to you…





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