‘Tis The Season

Hello Beautiful Momma!

In the midst of all the busyness this holiday season can bring, I want to light some encouragement in your heart. It’s not easy mothering, wifey-ing and keeping up with the laundry without losing the Christmas spirit.

It’s okay to struggle.

It’s okay to apologize. It’s okay to start over. Remember, there is no perfect mom out there. In your children’s eyes you will always be amazing and simply the BEST! Don’t let your mistakes steal the joy of tomorrow’s new beginnings.

Take a deep breath. You got this.

Isn’t it crazy how much this season can bring stress into our lives? I’m certain this isn’t how Jesus imagined us celebrating his birthday. What’s worse, Christmas is painfully the most commercialized holiday ever.

The newest toy. The coolest gadget.


That’s not what Christmas should be about. I hope our kids can firsthand experience the real meaning of this season. Let’s draw them nearer to the stable instead of the store.

If you’re looking for ideas, here’s how we keep the reason for the season alive in our home:

  1. Star From Afar. Our kids are loving this activity! It’s created by a mom, Natalie Ard, whose story I enjoyed hearing on the Mom Struggling Well podcast I follow. It’s a wooden nativity scene with a Bethlehem Star that you hide somewhere in the house everyday to have the kids help the wisemen find. It comes with daily memory verses & a gorgeous book. Today we hid the star above our fridge (oops)–the kids were searching forever but they were seriously having such a blast! It’s like a daily scavenger hunt. My 4-year-old loves placing the wisemen by the star!
  2. Read the account of Christ’s coming. I love books, devotions and activities but nothing can ever compare to reading Scripture aloud to my kids. There is so much power in that.
  3. Memorize a Christmas poem/scripture. Every Christmas, our kids memorize a poem to recite. It’s fun challenging them because they are totally capable of it! And seeing the excitement on their faces when they learn it, makes it worthwhile. It’s important to write the truth of the gospel on their hearts from a young age.
  4. Sponsor a local child. Our neighborhood Chick-Fill-A has empty stockings for local needy kids of different ages. I’m amazed at how many different ways there is to sponsor a child. It’s fun seeing our kids put someone else’s needs above their own.
  5. Minimize gifts to your children. Honestly. Kids don’t need two new gifts. They don’t need that shiny plastic made-in-China-toy they asked for at Target. That’s the kind of stuff instant gratification is made of.  I like to buy each child one meaningful item and fill their stockings with small (and very exciting) goodies.  Some time ago we got rid of a bunch of their toys. Kept the LEGOS and other activities that are great for the brain. Anything that didn’t fit into that category went bye-bye. Felt absolutely wonderful and made more time for board games and books. Less is more.

Also, in talking to a few different mommas here’s a couple thoughts they shared (that I absolutely loved!) when I asked how they keep Christ in the center during the holidays:

  • “Most importantly, I take my kids to the house of God; church. The busy of this season sometimes swallows us up so much that we can’t even sit back and reminisce on the real reason we are celebrating.”
  • “We are giving more than receiving. Going out of our way to give to neighbors/local fire department / small things like that but often throughout the month.”

Don’t you love that?  It’s great to have parties and decorate our trees with beautiful ornaments… but it’s ever so much better if we also keep Christ our King at the center of our hearts in the midst of it all.

So, however you are choosing to celebrate this season…I pray there may be love and peace in your heart today.

In Christ you have been brought to fullness. {Colossians 2.10}


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