My Whole 30 Journey

Hi Beautiful Momma,

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about healthy eating?

The Bible is full of not only spiritual instruction but also topics like nutrition, self-control & the concept of proper balance.

God wants us to take care of our bodies.

All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be enslaved by anything. {1 Corinthians 6:12}

Knowing this, isn’t it amazing how very little teaching we have in church about food and / or the sin of gluttony? I personally think it’s important.

noun gluttony/ glut·tony: Excess in eating or drinking. Greedy or excessive indulgence.

Did you know? Proverbs 23:2 says to, “put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite.” Of course, figuratively speaking…otherwise we would all be dead 🙂 But boy, it sure gives perspective.

If you have found honey, eat only enough for you, lest you have your fill and vomit it. {Proverbs 25.16}

This year my husband and I will both be turning 30 years old and with three little kids growing, we felt this is our big year of change and healthy habits. Together, we just completed our first 30 days of  our total body reboot: The Whole 30 Program and let me tell you, it’s been an awesome journey…and we’re still going strong.

In fact, we feel so great now, we decided on specific foods that we will not be returning to.

All the details and rules of the Whole 30 program are described on their official web page, you can view it by clicking on the link above.

One of the myths I had about Whole 30, is that it would become very costly. The truth is, when I removed all of the “no” foods from my shopping list, I actually saved money and used it for the healthy ingredients instead.

So, for an entire month what we ate were only whole foods such as vegetables, greens, salads, soups, fresh herbs, potatoes, fruits, berries, nuts, and healthy amounts of fish and meat.

Zero processed food. No preservatives. No grains. No legumes. No dairy (eggs & clarified butter are ok). No sugar: no maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, etc. Fresh fruits and berries were our only source of sugar.  

For the first week what happened is our bodies went in complete detox-mode. I will spare you the details, but after that was over, we started feeling much better.

Going forth, one thing I noticed is how often my mind would think about something sweet. It’s crazy. After all, I was never big on dessert, we hardly ever had real dessert in the house. Good quality dark chocolate was my dessert and I didn’t even sweeten my tea or drink soda…

But because of how much hidden sugar my diet truly had, my body was attempting to fight for its drug.

You see, sugar is in virtually everything. Granola bars, protein bars, nut butters, dried fruit, cereal, canned fruit, fruit juice, instant oatmeal, yogurt, salad dressing, ketchup, all condiments, pasta sauce, most cooking sauces / marinades, in spice/salt rubs, most if not all meat products, sausage, deli meat, bacon, not to mention bread and baked goods.

What I did to help cure the cravings, is help myself to small amounts of unsweetened whole dates, figs, and raw nuts. This is what I usually enjoyed with my hot cup of tea.

There are certain flavors of Lara bars that do not incorporate added sugar, so we bought some of those and also tried homemade Lara bar recipes which turned out awesome (coconut cream ones are amazing – see my Pinterest board for link).

I had a difficult time finding unsweetened dried fruit at the store. I checked my beloved Trader Joe’s and was disappointed to see that a majority of theirs had added sugar & preservatives.


I realized the best source was going to be fresh and frozen unsweetened fruits and berries. I started making smoothies using unsweetened 100% apple juice, a handful of fruit and a third of a banana. It really helped nourish my body.

Next, I learned how to make condiments from scratch. I couldn’t believe how simple and how few ingredients mayonnaise required, Sriracha, ketchup, ranch, etc. One of my favorite ones is Chimichurri sauce because it incorporates my favorite green herbs. All of these can be made with an immersion blender in just a few seconds – sugar and dairy free.


We ate a lot of fresh avocados, all kinds of potatoes as a side dish, hard-boiled egg as a midday snack, and lots of veggies and fruit. For cooking oils, I clarified butter at home and used that in place of regular butter. I also made compound butter from it using all my favorite green herbs. It was fun! I started using more coconut oil and was introduced to beef tallow  (a highly nutritional animal fat for cooking). For salad dressing, we used mostly olive oil & vinegar.

A diet high on good fats and low on bad carbs, can ironically accelerate fat loss and help increase muscle mass. It also decreases risk factors for disease.

The problem is when people go extreme and eat too much of a carnivorous diet (very unhealthy) or go the other extreme and become completely vegetarian (also unhealthy). Meat is good for you when it’s the right kind and in proper servings balanced equally with vegetables, salads, greens and fruits.

Sunday nights were used for meal prep and chopping up vegetables and kale, to store in the fridge for the week.

Every week I also made a large pot of soup using homemade bone broth. Most often it was chicken soup, simply because this is a favorite (replaced pasta with zucchini noodles). I also made traditional beets borsht and simple vegetable soups.

At the end of this month, I have to say there are definitely results. I have no idea how much, but I do feel by my clothes that I lost a little bit of weight. I don’t believe in scales. We don’t own one. I don’t think that’s at all what health is defined by. You can be thin but have inner-gut issues and low energy. You can be heavier set, but eat healthy and feel great.

Next, I definitely noticed my hair and skin improved a lot. My sleep quality is through the roof and I feel energetic all day without any energy crashes. Because of how great I started feeling, I also picked up jogging! Every day, I make a few circles around our neighborhood and do some light exercises at home. (Not to mention, running after a toddler).

Although The Whole 30 program requires cooking and prepping, it’s totally worth it if you stick to simple meals and plan ahead for the week. I learned that a lot of the foods we were eating in the past were gut-disrupting and would not have been beneficial for our long term health.

I hope this blog post is at the very least, insightful. I want to add, that I am not a professional Nutritionist. Please consult your doctor if you have a serious medical condition.

If you’re looking for some easy and delicious Whole 30 approved meal ideas, sauce recipes, and inspiration, definitely get a Pinterest account. You’re welcome to start following me on Pinterest and check out the Whole 30 board I created with pinned recipes.

Hope this helps.

Love & Blessings!



Jogging is so therapeutic for me as a homeschooling mama. I love listening to music when I run.
My youngest two are such goofballs. My kids are not on a 100% Whole 30 diet – they’re about 80%! We’ve save a lot of money by not buying them processed kids snacks.
Kale is one of the cheapest power foods out there. Perfect for salads.
After a while everything starts looking like bird food. My toddler loves these so much! Recipe on Pinterest.
I found a local small farm to get our eggs from. Cheaper than store bought and much healthier. Just look at that orange yolk! Cooking in coconut oil.
Traditional cabbage rolls are Whole 30 compliant if you skip the rice. I also grated in some vegetables!
Compound butter using clarified butter. So flavorful & handy to have in the fridge.
We’re having a warm winter in North Carolina. I think Spring is gonna come early!

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