Reflections of Gratitude

Hello Beautiful Momma!
I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded by little faces with pie on their cheeks.

Since we’re still unpacking boxes from our move, this Thanksgiving was unlike any other. I got to wear my stretchy pants all day with a mom-bun on my head.

Um…ya’ll wanna guess how often that happens for me on Thanksgiving?

Yup! Never.

Usually we dress up formally and take a pretty Instagram-worthy picture outside of mom’s house.

I shall spare you my stretchy pants picture.

Stretchy pants might be my new thing.

’nuff about stretchy pants…

In a strange way (even though we missed our family!) it felt good to only have each other this year and not worry about anything.

I gave myself grace in the kitchen by settling for Costco pumpkin pie instead of making my own (okay, I might’ve cringed a teeny bit), and my husband wowed us with an incredibly juicy turkey he cooked.

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I could taste the love in it!

Since we chose to start from scratch on much of our furniture…and the new ones haven’t been delivered yet, we sat on whatever we could find  as we filled out hearts and bellies.

I can’t think of anything better than that! (Well, except maybe a good chair to sit on).

But friend, no matter what season of life you’re in…there is always, always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

What is it for you?

Give thanks in all circumstances…

1 Thessalonians 5.18

This year, I am most grateful for good health.

As I was unpacking some of our moving boxes the other day, I did a little purge of our medicine cabinet. So much was expired!

That’s when it hit me – my children have been sickness free for about 2 years. As in, no fevers, no flu, no throwing up! (Execept for Chickenpox that went by very quick).

If you know anything about having kids, this is a miracle! Children have an incredible natural ability to pick up germs…

It strengthens their immune systems, they say.

I tossed several old bottles of infant Tylenol (when did I use it last?), fever reducer serums and expired cough drops.

In that moment I began to recount all the mercies of the Lord in my life and was overwhelmed with gratitude.

As I was organizing, a picture flashed before my eyes – about 3 years ago as both of my sons fevered and cried through a viral flu. I felt awful, wishing I could somehow take their pain away.

Another flashback – my husband and I – first time parents, with a 9 month old baby who was struggling through a case of Croup – an infection that can be dangerous and lead to pneumonia if untreated.

Still trying to figure out where he got that. (Don’t we all?) I was a stay-at-home momma at the time.

While our baby boy barked through each painful cough as we checked into the ER, I remember praying to God for healing.  Getting his lungs x-rayed. Getting him treated.

Another flashback – a few years back…a concerned look on our pediatrician’s face as she explained that she is transferring one of our kids to Doernbecher’s Hospital. That we should prepare ourselves for appendix surgery on our little boy.

Oh, momma. I prayed so hard on the way to that hospital. I must have looked crazy from the side.

I raised my hands and declared victory over every single possible organ I could recall. I named each specific organ starting from small intestine to the kidneys – rebuking the enemy in Jesus’ name. Praising God for already healing my son.

After IV fluid and an ultra-sound on his appendix we were jubilant to hear that he would not be needing surgery! His organs looked 100% healthy.

We hugged him tighter that night and said an extra prayer.

These moments just kept coming back to me as I tossed every bottle of medicine that day.

Another flash – through the years…my husband and I welcoming three absolutely healthy beautiful babies into the world.

I remember counting their toes, checking to see who they look like (of course, babies change with each day).

But momma, these moments are not to be taken for granted.

Babies are a gift from the Lord. Healthy babies are a miracle. Did you know that statistically (of course, believers don’t live by statistics. WE have God) but realistically even a very healthy pregnancy can have about a 20% risk of miscarriage in the first trimester.

So momma, the fact that you had a baby is literally a MIRACLE of miracles all of its own; let alone a complete pregnancy.

I am so thankful for the three humans the Lord allowed me to birth into this world.

I will never stop being amazed. Grateful for ten little fingers, grasping my hand.

This season, let us recount all of God’s mercies.


Think upon.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 106.1

You see, it is not by wit or our good parenting standards that children are healthy, smart, or beautiful – it’s all from the mercy throne!

Today, I pray for God to surround each of our families and protect our little ones as we look to our Heavenly Father and give Him praise.

Be blessed, beautiful soul.

And remember… the most important gifts in life cannot be bought with money.

Whatever bargain we got on Black Friday – is just that; an item that won’t last forever. It’s here today, gone tomorrow.

Only God and the love of family around the table can fill that special place in your heart, (even if you’re sitting on a box)…






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