Taking Risks

Hello Beautiful Momma,

I don’t know what your’re going through right now but I have a desire to share this post with you.

Last Sunday I listened to a sermon that I was pondering upon throughout the week.

It was about…

The taking of risks.

Our pastor’s words resonated further than the pews of the church.

They cut straight to the soul.

“If you attempt only the things you know you can do, you’ll never need faith. It’s an independent Godless way to live.”

You see, I’ll be first to admit that I like comfort.

Who doesn’t?

I’m praying for God to give me opportunities to take risk and trust Him more.

I look at my children and see the opportunity.

Motherhood is a risky ministry.

You risk everything the minute that child becomes yours.

Most of all, you risk your heart being broken because no work is as soulful as mothering.

You risk becoming the person you never planned to be.

You risk failure.

It takes the laying-down of your life.



But where there is great risk, there is even greater gain.

When I look back on my life, I see so many countless times He’s faithfully guided me through.

He’s always showed up.

He never left. He was always there.

Taking risks. It’s good for the soul.

It cleanses us from relying on our own selves.

This last year my husband and I took the chance of moving across country with three little kids, to a place we now call home.

2,000+ miles away from all things familiar.

When we first got here we didn’t have a community of our own.

But. God.

God is so so faithful. 

He guided us to an incredible church family where we can grow.

Where our children can experience a nourishing  Biblical teaching and intentional love.

Where we can make sense of many things in Scripture that somehow got muddled for us over the years.

A place filled with more sunshine than clouds.

So many things I prayed for, He provided us with and more. 

God is a good, good Father.

Had we never taken the risk, my husband and I would be missing out on a lot of new blessings right now.

But God doesn’t stop there.

I must warn you

When you take one tangible step of faith out of the safety boat, it is not God’s will for you to stop there.

He will continue calling you out upon deeper waters, the great unknown, because the taking of risk and believing in the unseen, is where God will manifest His power.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me”

– Hillsong, Oceans

That’s where His everlasting love comes through.

His unwavering hold on our hand.

Without faith it is impossible to please God.                      {Hebrews 11.6}

Sitting there in the pew I heard the words:

“It’s in those (risky) moments that we are motivated to pursue God, because our future depends on it.”

To pursue.

To wholeheartedly seek.

…He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. {Hebrews 11.6}

One time during a study of Hebrews Chapter 11, I highlighted the word “faith” every time I saw it.

When I was through, most of the chapter was glowing.

By faith.

By faith.

 By faith. 

Moses, Abraham, etc.

As our pastor reminded us on Sunday: When God called these men to something outside of their natural abilities, not a single one of them answered, “Sure, God. I’d love to do that!”

They said, “I can’t. I’m afraid. I’m not gifted.”

But that’s just it.

You see…when we can’t, God can.

How else would God have room to move in our lives and in all the generations thereafter that are touched by the many miracles He performs?

So Friend, where do you need to take a leap of faith?

A step.

Does it line up with Scripture? Is the risk significant? Is it something you’re certain you can’t do with your own strength?

Then be rest assured it is likely God’s call for you.

Perhaps He’s stirring your heart to let go and let-God..

In your children’s lives.

In your marriage.

To be vulnerable.


To love relentlessly.

To Trust.

To Rest.

To take the risk of an alternative plan.

To step out of your comfort zone.

 To lift up your hands and praise God for the things you have yet to receive.

Go ahead. Take one step forward. 

I promise; that is where the greatest blessing awaits you.

Love & Blessings,


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