#Unplugged Indoor Activities

Hello Beautiful Momma!

There’s nothing like getting snowed-in that reminds us just how much attention our little ones need.

By the time you triple-bundle them up to go outside, it’s a whole work-out!

And before you know it, all those frosty-little-snowmen have to come back inside to warm up and dry their mittens.

What to do. What to do….

Screen-time can certainly entertain kids but how much is too much, and is it really the best way to occupy their minds?

Studies show when kids are engaged in active hands-on activities there’s improvement in their cognitive abilities, academics, and overall attitude.

Some time ago I personally made a commitment to parent more intentionally. I realized what a privilege and high-calling having children truly is.

I began to see motherhood as a form of ministry and asked God for wisdom.

The words, holy ground echoed in my heart and mind.

Holy. Ground.

God, is that you?

God was gently teaching me that my home is holy ground.

That Mothering is holy work.


That my seemingly insignificant acts of faithfulness were just as much of a ministry as preaching behind the pulpit or singing in a choir.

Packing lunch for my husband so his day can go smoothly.

Doing that second load of laundry even though everything in me  wants to lounge on the sofa instead.

Feeding little mouths and wiping runny noses — morning tea altogether forgotten on the counter.

Those small moments of faithfulness add up and it’s in those everyday moments that we practice obedience.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. – M. Teresa

At that point I personally did an honest-to-self evaluation of my commitments and calculated the number of hours I actually got to spend with my kids face-to-face during the week without rushing them somewhere.

From then I began to put a lot of energy and passion into  my ministry of motherhood and started spending more intentional time with my kids.

On warm days I try to take my three-some outdoors as much as possible but with winter upon us I’ve had to get creative.

I try to do practical things with them that are helpful for the family and aren’t all necessarily “Pinteresty.” I simply look at what we already have on hand and view that as an opportunity to engage the children.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord… {Col. 3.23}

Sometimes my oldest says no to a suggestion, but ends up having a blast once he’s at it.

The idea is to really get in there and do it with them! That’s what it’s all about.

Here are some of my favorite indoor #unplugged activities:

  1. Involve them in cooking. Find a recipe that would  be easy to make. I know. The clean-up. Augh. But, momma, it’s so worth it! If your kids are old enough…involve them in the clean-up too. A sponge and soap is the grandest thing in the eyes of my pre-schooler.
  2. Involve them in sorting/folding laundry. I use my phone timer and turn it into a competition. They’re amazing at matching socks. Other times I use this opportunity to ask them questions. To show them that I’m interested in what they have to share.
  3. Let them paint/color/glue/cut. Set up a station and get them excited by also doing it with them. Ask your kids what they would like to draw/paint. Kids are so creative!  Roll out some freezer paper and give them markers to doodle.
  4. Make ice art. Collect some winter treasures such as pinecones, acorns, etc. Toss into a plastic Tupperware bowl, fill with water & place into freezer with a string in it. The next day pop it out & hang it outside for the kids to observe as it melts off slowly.
  5. Play board games. I realize this isn’t a novel idea but taking the time to sit down with your kids for a board game is so rewarding! Teach your child how to play Chess. Kids absolutely love the parent’s involvement. When my oldest was in pre-school we started with Connect 4 & Sorry. I think we have 20+ different games now. Fun for the whole family! Board games teach children valuable life skills such as planning ahead and accepting consequences. Our current favorite is Settlers of Catan.
  6. Give them empty cardboard boxes. This can be hours of indoor fun for kids. During our snow-storm we made a slide out of our indoor stairs (dangerous fun!) by laying out flattened cardboard on it, and letting them slide down on a pillow. Cardboard also makes perfect forts & an excellent canvas for little ones to doodle on.
  7. Make homemade clay. In a large bowl mix 2 cups table salt + 1 cup flour. Slowly stir in 3/4 cup water to it + a few drops of cooking oil. Let the kids cut clay into desired shapes/animals and bake it in a 350′ oven for an hour. Once it cools you can paint it.
  8. Make homemade Jell-O playdough. 2 (3.4oz) Jell-O boxes + 3 1/2 cup flour + 1/2 cup table salt + 2 tablespoons vegetable oil + 1 cup hot water. Combine the dry ingredients & slowly stir in oil & then hot water. Ta-dah! So much fun. If your child is learning letters, have him make ABCs out of play-dough.
  9. Have a reading marathon. Let the kids pick out any book of their own choice (even if it’s your least favorite), and read to them. Sometimes books aren’t as exciting until momma reads them aloud. All the sudden you’re the star of the show & you’re bonding with the kids at the same time.
  10. Have a family tea party. Too often we are quick to offer tea to guests, but forget to do the same for our own kids.  I love to set a couple things out & make it feel special. Not to rush through it, but have everyone sit down and savor the time together.

It’s so important to practice spending intentional time together with our kids. Let them feel loved in the little things at home, because eventually those little things leave a significant impact.


Love & Blessings!

Rachel was not a huge fan of treading the snow. She enjoyed it if someone held her.


Best brothers. Always up to an adventure.


Art time!


Joshua puts 110% effort into anything he does. So cute.


His tree!


The boys are really into dinosaurs. They drew and cut-out this dinosaur on their own. Reminds me a bit of a giraffe 🙂


Their backyard treasures for ice art.


Our backyard tends to be our classroom sometimes 🙂


Cardboard entertainment for days.


Making meatballs. They did an excellent job!


Homemade clay fun!


Dinosaurs every time. Boys…I tell ya! 🙂






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  1. Hello dearest Violetta, this is my first time visiting your blog, let me tell you I have read all your post. What a huge blessing this is. God bless you.
    With God all is possible.
    Blessings from Oregon.

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